Mulch is usually a layer of substance spread evenly over the soil. Applying mulch regularly to the garden is the best way to conserve water, as mulch protects the soil by reducing the rate of evaporation.

Other benefits of mulch include:

  • improves the structure of soil
  • reduces erosion
  • suppresses weeds
  • retains an even soil temperature
  • encourages living organisms

Tips: The depth of the mulch layer should usually be around 3 inches.

Mulch Types

Grass Clippings

It is high in Nitrogen and should be dried and combined with manure or leaf litter before laying on the garden.

Compost - Household

Adds humus to the soil and improves soil structure


Natural looking and long lasting wood chips do not offer as great a nutrient base as other mulch types.

Leaf Litter

Quickly breaks down into humus (a mineral rich matter), great for rejuvenating tired soils.

Mushroom Compost

A good mulch, if sourced from a quality nursery/supplier. Important to check that ph level is suitable for your garden type. A ph of between 6-7 would suit most gardens.

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